Stream Overlay for TETR.IO


This is a simple stream overlay tool for TETR.IO, a block stacking game by osk. Show off your TETRA LEAGUE rank as well as your singleplayer PBs.

To get started, enter your TETR.IO username and change any settings you like.


How often does it update?
For user information (level, TETRA LEAGUE rating etc.) - every 5 minutes. For records (40 Lines and Blitz) - every 15 minutes. This is due to how the TETR.IO API caches this information.
I have feedback!
Send me a Discord DM - I'm in the TETR.IO Discord as Zudo#0800 FiresBZ#0001 firesbz.
My global rank isn't showing!
For 40L and Blitz, the standing badges will only show if you're in the top 1000 worldwide.
Something looks wrong!
Try clearing your browser source's cache. If this doesn't work, let me know.


Display - General

Display - Game Modes



Stats - 40 Lines

Stats - Blitz

Note: The recommended maximum number of stats per game mode is 3. You can have more if you want, but you may encounter layout issues if you do.

Set up

Create a new browser source in OBS. Then, copy the link below and paste it into the URL box. A minimum size of 800x150 is recommended for the horizontal layout, and 400x400 for the vertical layout.

You may need to experiment with the width and height of your browser source to figure out what works best. Depending on how decked out your profile is, you may need a wider overlay to fit everything.